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I do different things for fun. I sometimes write short stories, play the piano, record Youtube-videos or play games. Have you heard of Subtle Depressed People Traits mark IV? I'm the administrator of that particular Facebook page. If you're on Facebook, (who isn't?) come and find us!

So, what do I do when I'm not having fun? I work as an IT administrator for a global supplier in the automotive industry. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy having a job. How else could I afford my hobbies?

"What can I find here?"

So on this updated and revamped site, you can find both photos I've taken, a couple of youtube clips and parts of my short stories. In the future, there might be podcasts and music, but I'm not making any promisies at the moment.

When my short stories are done, I'll publish them online in their full. Probably also record the audio and publish to Youtube.

Haunted House

A narration for which I wrote the story as well. Use headphones for best immersion.


So, this Youtube video is the result of me wanting to make something resembling scary for halloween a couple of years ago. I had to record it over two evenings, because it got too dark the first one. I'm pretty happy with the result.

I'm hungry

I pretty much wrote this song in like ten minutes, on my way home from work, while sitting in my car. I thought it was funny so when I had the oppurtunity I wrote it down, made the music, and recorded it.

Because it's manly

Making fun of being a man. That's it. Kind of.

About Tim and Linda

It was three in the morning. Linda knocked on his door, tears in her eyes. Her best friend since they were kids. Time had brought them very close. They could talk to each other about anything and everything. She knocked again, frantically. He opened the door and was met by the sight of someone who had been hurt. He was standing in his pajama pants, bright red satin with the Iron Man helmet on one leg.

Tim was kind of a dork but in good shape. Just above six feet tall with short, wavy brown hair. She threw herself into his arms and started crying. He held her tight, trying to comfort her. Her long blond hair somewhat tangled between his fingers. She was about five foot one, curvy, and with wonderful ocean green eyes.

You should stay

You should stay, you know. He said while they stood on the platform as the train slowly came to a stop.

I don’t want you to go. It feels so empty every time you leave. I’m fine for like a day, but then… then I don’t feel good at all for several days. I miss you when you leave, and I think about you every day, and it hurts. It hurts that you’re not here with me. His voice began to tremble a bit. He was only another few words away from crying. Please stay!

She looked at him, somewhat wondering where all of this came from. Even though she’d had her suspicions she was never really sure about his feelings. Not until now.

The date

It was late in the summer, the middle of August to be more precise. They texted each other, as one did back then. Carmine – a guy hurt by previous experiences, and Freya – a strong but kind woman. Carmine was an introvert just like Freya, which is why they usually texted instead of calling each other.

They’d known each other for five years and had fun together, and though they weren’t a couple some people seeing them together could easily believe they were. They were always happy when they spent time together, smiling and teasing each other a bit. Carmine always felt calm around Freya, a sense of serenity like he usually didn’t when she wasn’t near him.


These are some of my favorite photos I've taken. You click on them and download if you'd like to use them as wallpapers. They're cropped, so you kinda have to click them to see the big picture.

There are also some photos available via Mostphotos.com

About Thomaseron

The Thomaseron was born in 1982. He's a male of the human species. The Thomaseron is found to be a reclusive introvert, much like the hermit crab. He works in IT, and enjoys gaming, computers, music, movies, and more. He knows his way around the piano, but also the kitchen. The Youtube channel he runs was created in 2012.

When the Thomaseron is miserable, his writing creativity goes up. He's a person in touch with his feelings, but with good impulse control. Mostly.
2020 was not his best year, but he's still around, wishing for unity and peace. Also, he wants to make people laugh and think.

Enjoy your stay, for however long it lasts!